Stay Calm, Save Money, Make Your Back-to-School List

Overwhelmed just thinking about back-to-school shopping? Here is a helpful list that will get you organized and let you save money when you compare and shop.

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Strategies for Managing the Emotional Fatigue of Coaching

Last week I received this question from a coach: “At the end of the day, after a day of intense coaching and high emotion, what do I do with those feelings and take care of myself? This is very hard for me…read more

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5 Ways the Carden Method Helps Your Child Go to College

1. Well-Rounded Development

The Carden Method emphasizes above all the development of the child as a whole, with attention given to academic rigor as well as meaningful extracurricular activities that continue to enrich and develop. Colleges look not just for academic excellence but also for individuals who demonstrate diverse interests and maturity. Carden graduates embody both these traits.

2. Foreign Language Proficiency

From an early age, Carden schools incorporate crucial subjects that other schools tend to treat as non-essentials. Carden students are typically proficient in at least one foreign language, as well music and poetry.

3. In-Depth Understanding of Western Civilization

Carden students graduate with an in-depth knowledge of the Latin language. This knowledge of Latin is vital to a true understanding of many aspects of Western civilization, preparing the high-school graduate for a college curriculum.

4. Excellent Learning Skills

The Carden method approaches learning as a way of thinking and assigning meaning. Carden students graduate not just with specific knowledge, but also with skills that enable them to gain new knowledge and understanding.

5. Mastery of Core Subjects

Many students graduate high school without adequate preparation for college. While some colleges offer remedial courses, others simply reject such students. Carden school graduates, on the other hand, gain proficiency in the core subjects above and beyond the level required for college admissions, and frequently are able to bypass introductory courses.

College preparation does not begin with your child’s senior year in high school; it begins on the first day of kindergarten. To find out more about the Carden method school in San Jose, visit this website.


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A Fun Keepsake Printable for Your Child’s First Day at Preschool

Always remember your child’s first day of preschool with this cute and simple about-me printable. Teachers can also use it as a first-day icebreaker activity.

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“Learning That Matters” High School Winner Jennifer Aguilera

Jennifer Aguilera, a student of Amy Schlessman at Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep in Waukegan, Illinois, read and responded to the YES! Magazine more

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What You Can Do to Relieve Your Preschooler’s Separation Anxiety

Naturally, your child feels safe and comfortedbeing with you. When it is time to go to preschool, your child may experience separation anxiety. This is particularly likely if your child has not been separated from you before for long periods of time multiple days a week. You can make the transition smooth by doing the following:

  • If extended separation is unfamiliar, get your child used to it by leaving him or her with a trusted adult and progressively increasing the time and frequency.
  • Do preschool activities together to introduce the fun things he or she will experience in school and to build up excitement.
  • Take your child in advance to meet the teachers and tour the facility.
  • Once it’s time to drop off your child, use uplifting language. Saying not to worry or be upset is not reassuring, but rather reinforces those feelings. Focus on the fun of preschool instead to reignite excitement, such as “Have fun coloring! I would love to see your picture when I pick you up.”
  • Give your child a special trinket, like a charm bracelet or backpack keychain, to serve as a comforting connection to you while you’re away.
  • Don’t force your child if he or she is not ready. Some children just need more time before they are emotionally prepared to leave their parents, and that’s okay.

Separation anxiety is a normal phase most children go through sometime in their lives. You can make it less challenging and empowering for your child so he or she can handle the next stage in life with confidence. To learn more about relieving your preschools in Cary, visit this website.

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