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Stay Calm, Save Money, Make Your Back-to-School List

Overwhelmed just thinking about back-to-school shopping? Here is a helpful list that will get you organized and let you save money when you compare and shop. Advertisements

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Strategies for Managing the Emotional Fatigue of Coaching

Last week I received this question from a coach: “At the end of the day, after a day of intense coaching and high emotion, what do I do with those feelings and take care of myself? This is very hard … Continue reading

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5 Ways the Carden Method Helps Your Child Go to College

1. Well-Rounded Development The Carden Method emphasizes above all the development of the child as a whole, with attention given to academic rigor as well as meaningful extracurricular activities that continue to enrich and develop. Colleges look not just for … Continue reading

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A Fun Keepsake Printable for Your Child’s First Day at Preschool

Always remember your child’s first day of preschool with this cute and simple about-me printable. Teachers can also use it as a first-day icebreaker activity.

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“Learning That Matters” High School Winner Jennifer Aguilera

Jennifer Aguilera, a student of Amy Schlessman at Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep in Waukegan, Illinois, read and responded to the YES! Magazine more

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What You Can Do to Relieve Your Preschooler’s Separation Anxiety

Naturally, your child feels safe and comfortedbeing with you. When it is time to go to preschool, your child may experience separation anxiety. This is particularly likely if your child has not been separated from you before for long periods … Continue reading

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